As most people were socially distancing and trying to make sure not to spread the Coronavirus last year, it seems like this year people are ready to travel. While many people are back to flying some families are still going at a slower pace and no matter what pace you feel comfortable attempting to get a rental car it's extremely difficult right now. But there is a life hack that has been shared online that I had to let you know about.

While everyone else is signing up for rental cars through all of your main rental car companies I found a life hack on a travel group online. The suggestion instead of a rental car company, you should reach out to a moving company such as U-Haul and see if they have a pickup truck available. Oftentimes you can find availability and sometimes it's even cheaper than using big-name car rental places.

Right Now This Life Hack Is Getting Used More and More

If I found out about this clever idea online, that means thousands of other people know about this too. And especially in the summer months moving companies are filling up quickly with their rentals, so if you're planning a vehicle rental of any kind, don't wait, get your reservation in now.

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Think Outside of the Box, Don't Give Up

This process can get stressful and exhausting but just think about the fun family memories that will be created on your trip. It's always worth it but there will be some aggravation as everyone is trying to plan trips right now.

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