Cole Swindell's new single "Stay Downtown" tweaks an often told country radio conversation. Not quite a drunk dial song, not quite a stay gone song, the new cut from You Should Be Here falls in between.

Sure, the singer is pleading with this ex-lover to stay away, but by the second verse he admits that if she shows up he'll be pretty helpless to her intoxicated charms. The "drunk lipstick marks like tattoos" lyric is Matt Dragstrem and Cole Taylor's sharpest, but the song relies on Swindell to play the tortured heart.

He's good at that. A slick, pop-friendly production synthesizes Swindell's sincerity, but the track will easily slide between any two on country radio. The singer is looking for an eighth straight No. 1 hit and he'll likely get it.

Did You Know?: If it reaches No. 1, "Stay Downtown" would be the fourth single from this album to do so.

Listen to Cole Swindell, "Stay Downtown" 

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Cole Swindell, "Stay Downtown" Lyrics:

When I feel my phone buzzing, ain't even gotta look down / I know it's you that's calling, a couple drinks in by now / So I say hello, you say, hey, babe / Say you're 'bout to catch a cab over to my place / See you in five, but, baby, this time …

Stay downtown / Keep moving your heels on the floor, let the bartender pour you up another round / Tip the cover band, find another hand to dance and call him your rebound / Another late night love, another last call crush / With the neon shining down / Girl, this time around, stay downtown.

Ain't gonna lie, if you knock on my door / I'm gonna let you walk in / Let you leave drunk lipstick marks like tattoos on my skin / But you know in the morning / We're gonna regret everything we did / So why even start what ain't good for our hearts.

Keep sipping your drink, keep spinning the room / Keep chasing the night like you always do / Keep letting the good times play / Don't let me get in your way.

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