Here's an interesting twist to all the clown hysteria.

Saturday, October 15 in Tuscon AZ there will be the first ever 'Clown Lives Matter March.'

The event is being organized by a 27-year-old makeup artist who believes that clowns are getting a bad rap. One rotten apple doesn't ruin the entire bushel.

She said, "I don't like that people are thinking that every single person that has clown makeup on is trying to hurt them or their children."

The march has already had more than 100 professional and amateur performers on board. They simply want to remind people that clowns are not to be feared. Clowns spread joy and happiness.

The event will have clowns and non-clowns alike walking down third street performing magic tricks, creating balloon animals, handing out candy and most importantly bringing smiles and laughs to kids of all ages. No scariness allowed.

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