In the continuing saga of the creepy clown phenomenon sweeping the nation, the latest Western Colorado creepy clown report comes from Rifle.

On it's Facebook page, the Rifle Police Department says it responded to a call Monday evening about a man exiting a vehicle wearing a clown mask. Pictures of the individual showed up on social media along with threats against the individual.

As it turned out, the person has apparently had a clown mask attached to the passenger seat headrest for several years. Police determined that no one had been wearing the mask that evening.

It's another case of a false alarm and over-reaction to an unverified account of  a crazy clown.

Rifle police say there are very few instances nationwide of someone dressed as a clown acting inappropriately. They say some of the reports are the result of viral marketing, while others are simply a case of copy-cat behavior.

Authorities are urging the public to "continue life as normal." However, should you see some sort of suspicious behavior or activity, by all means, report it to local authorities.

And a word of caution to anyone tempted to dress up like a creepy clown for a prank, the public seems to have grown weary of the craze and intolerance seems to be growing. I wouldn't do it!

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