The Greeley Police Department is currently investigating a series of violent threats made on Facebook, claiming clowns would be carrying out shootings at various schools in Greeley, and near Island Grove Regional Park on the night of Halloween. 

UPDATE: Jed Murphy, a Greeley resident and editor-in-chief of Bandwagon Magazine, captured the photo below last Friday in downtown Greeley.

Note: There is no guarantee that this individual is a part of the group making threats, but we wanted to share regardless. 

At this point in time, the police department does not believe that these are credible threats, but are working together with District 6 schools to ensure the safety of the students at these schools.

On Monday, September 26, the Greeley Police Department began receiving calls claiming that a shooting would be carried out on Halloween. Almost immediately after the calls, multiple posts started popping up on social media, deviating from the original threat, but claiming that clowns would be carrying out other shootings at schools. Some of these threats specifically targeted Northridge High School and Franklin Middle School, and police believe they could have possibly been sent out by a student. Fake Facebook profiles with clowns as the images also started sending messages out to students last night – one by the name of Clowny Clock declaring "clowns are coming," and threatening a "purge" at 11 p.m. on Halloween night in Greeley. Another creepy clown named Sparkles was also reportedly harassing students over social media Monday night too. Although police do not believe the threats are credible, they are not taking this situation lightly, and have added extra security in schools around Weld County. Some parents still chose to keep their children home from school on Tuesday. District 6 officials have sent two emails to parents and have made several Facebook posts related to the threats.

Incidents involving clowns have been making news around the country as of recently, some being serious and resulting in felonies, while others were just harmless jokes. Because the threats in Weld County were specifically targeting children, law enforcement doesn't find this case to be a laughing matter, and is working hard to identify the source of the original threats.

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