For years Grand Junction residents have enjoyed the benefit of the free annual neighborhood clean-up. Now, Clifton is getting a piece of the action.

A pilot program to enhance the Clifton area has been announced that should help to put a little more shine on at least once Clifton neighborhood.

The neighborhood selected for the project is D Road to E Road from 32 Road to 33 Road. It's not an extremely large area, but it's a good start and hopefully, residents will take advantage of this opportunity October 7 and 8.

Residents in this area will be able to place the trash and unwanted items on the curb, which will be hauled away for free. Items need to be on the curb by 7 am on October 7.

Trash and junk can start going to the curb as early as Saturday, September 28. Items should not be in trash containers and should be in a pile at least 3 feet away from any fencing and landscaping. Sure, the neighborhood is going to look a little trashy for a few days, but, in the end, it's going to look great.

* General Household Trash
* Garden/Yard Debris
* Furniture
* Mattresses
* Construction Material

* TV's & Electronics
* Tires
* Liquids
* Appliances Containing Freon
* Hazardous Materials
* Batteries
* Chemicals
* Latex  and Oil-BasedPaint
* Oil

You can see more information about the clean-up and a comprehensive list of items not accepted on the Healthy Mesa County website. If you have questions about the clean-up you can call 970-244-1762.

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