Happy "National Wine Day." Until recently, every day was "Wine Day" at the Jordan household. Today, May 25, is legit, though. When you run out to buy wine tonight, where's the best place to shop in Grand Junction?

In preparation for this holiday, I created a poll several weeks ago asking you to vote for the best place to shop. The votes came pouring in (pun intended).

There are, of course, many reasons to purchase a bottle, or bottles, of wine. Aside from your own enjoyment, Father's Day is right around the corner. We're rolling into a holiday weekend, and it's a perfect time for wine. Perhaps you know a college grad who would enjoy a custom engraved wine bottle as a gift.

How does the website Holiday Insights suggest you celebrate National Wine Day?

  • Have a glass or two of wine.
  • Go on a winery tour.
  • Make some homemade wine.
  • Have a wine variety that you have never tried before.

You already know I'm weird, so I have little to lose by saying this. On the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, I purchased a bottle of wine (at Jack Rabbit Liquors on Orchard Mesa) and raised a toast to the members of the original cast who are no longer with us.

Star Trek and Wine
Waylon Jordan

Yesterday, Fisher's Liquor Mart in Grand Junction had an engraver on site. This was part of their kickoff to summer promotion. I stopped by to purchase a bottle of wine ($3.88 - let's hear it for the big spender) and have it engraved. Obviously, at less than $4 for the bottle, I'm not a true connoisseur. Trust me, I never said I was. But even a cheap bottle of wine makes for a nice gift.

desert flyer band wine
Waylon Jordan

Several weeks ago, you were asked to vote for the best place in Grand Junction to purchase a bottle of wine. Here are the results:

Wine Poll results Grand Junction

There you go, the top four finalists. All factors were taken into consideration - selection, price, location, etc.

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. I'm of the opinion there's nothing wrong with having a glass of wine now and then. My days of chugging the stuff are fortunately well behind me.  When looking for a great deal, keep these survey results in mind. Wine is always enjoyable, but wine at a great price is twice as much fun.

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