National Drink Wine Day is coming up this Sunday. Personally, I don't need a special holiday to drink wine. In this case, though, I might splurge. Where can I find the best wine deals in Western Colorado?

National Drink Wine Day rolls around every year on February 18. How do you celebrate? Drink a glass of wine.

Where wine is concerned, we have it made here in Western Colorado. You could sip only locally produced wines and still enjoy a wide selection. Most any liquor store in the valley offers a wide selection of vineyards, local, domestic, and international.

Typically, I usually only drink wine, or for that matter any alcohol, after completing a particularly difficult concert. I tend to perceive it as a reward for finishing the project. Historically, my wine selections are based more on price than quality.

That having been said, let me assure you, there are some skanky wines out there. Trust me, there's a difference. Not everything has to be top shelf, either.

I remember being in Budapest back in 2011. A Grand Junction orchestra was taking a tour of Europe. Our last evening in Hungary I went to the liquor store down the street. Keep in mind, Hungary is wine country, and in a big way. Oddly, a bottle of wine was cheaper than a bottle of water. Jackpot!

I'm looking for a great deal on a great wine for this Sunday. Where will I find the best deal? By this, I'm not asking for the best overall wine, but rather the best prices on wines across the board. Over the years, I've seen drastic price variations on the same brand of wine at various Western Colorado stores. I'm looking for a deal here. Yes, I'm cheap.

Here's a long list of valley liquor stores. If you don't see your selection, write it in and it will be added promptly.

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