Which place has the best Happy Hour in Grand Junction?

That time old tradition of Happy Hour. To retreat to a location with friends, and even co-workers, to wash away all of the bad or to celebrate all of the good that particular day has brought you. They usually involve food and drink specials so enticing you just can't pass it up.

If you are on the prowl for a new spot to Happy Hour at in Grand Junction, here are the top five from Yelp!.

5) The Ale House - 2531 North 12th Street.


4) 626 on Rood - Just like its name, the address is 626 Rood Avenue.


3) Charlie Dwellington's - 103 North First Street. You'll get sucked in by Flip Night Thursdays.


2) Warehouse 2565 - At over 18,000 square feet, you are bound to find something to your liking.


Finally, the number one Happy Hour location in Grand Junction is:

1) Bin 707 - 225 South 5th Street. Don't ask me what the name means, I don't know.

Waylon Jordan

Is your favorite Happy Hour joint not on this list? Let us know where you think the best Happy Hour in Grand Junction is.