A grocery store is always a great, convenient option for buying vegetables. However, when you have the opportunity to buy fresh, local produce, you should definitely take advantage of it. We have some amazing local produce vendors here in Grand Junction, here are a few of my favorites.

Okagawa Farms

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Okagawa Farms is located at 281 29 Rd. You can find them at different local events and festivals, though.

Taylor Produce

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Taylor Produce is located at 539 29 Rd, near Orchard Ave.

Alidas Fruit

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Alida's Fruit is located at 419 Main St. They are my favorite produce vendor downtown.

You can find these vendor's stands all over the valley, it just varies depending on the date. Currently, Taylor produce has a stand in the Redlands, off of Broadway. It's definitely convenient for anyone living in the Redlands. Keep an eye out for any of these vendors close to you, and take advantage of our ability to buy local produce here!