Admit it. When it comes to food you like it fresh. But you're never quite sure where to find it, are you?

Farm fresh foods just taste better, as the popularity of the Farmer's Market would indicate.  And in Western Colorado, there are a number of places you can find farm fresh foods. Let's take a look at a few.

Rooted Gypsy Farms

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Not only farm fresh but delivered to your door. Their "Artisan Farm Box" consists of a variety of cuts of meat, fresh produce, rubs, spices, herbs and more, as well as a delicious recipe to try. A cooler is provided with your first order, then every week, or every two weeks if you like, you can order more. Farm fresh and delivered. Perfect.

Sprouts Farmer's Market

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From fresh fruits and vegetables to barrels of grain, a full-service deli, as well as meat and seafood counters, Sprouts has everything you might need to put together healthy delicious meals. You'll also find vitamins, spices, baked goods and plenty of other choices as well.

Natural Grocers


Organic produce, vitamin supplements, body care and free nutrition information are just some of the things you will find here. They also provide information on reducing stress, weight loss, and other helpful suggestions to lead to a more healthy lifestyle for you and the ones you love.

Okagawa Farms


Great produce, great price and some of the best-roasted chillis in the area. Okagawa Farms have long-standing, dedicated customers for a reason. You can also find bedding plants, flowers, and garden plants here.

DeVries Fruits and Vegetable Market

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Helpful, knowledgeable staff, delicious and beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables and the occasional suggestion on how to cook them are just some of the things you will love about DeVries. And for the fall, come out and pick your own pumpkin.