This is music to our...mouths?

The Vienna-based Vegetable Orchestra is an orchestra that plays instruments made of -- yup, you guessed it -- vegetables, bringing bok choy to the masses.

They've traded drumsticks for celery sticks. They get together and yam. Robert Plant meets eggplant. Turn(ip) it up!

Okay, we got that all out of our system.

Founded in 1998, the Vegetable Orchestra plays all over the world. It's music that's easy on the ears and the colon. That's because the orchestra also makes a soup from the veggies and serves it to the audience afterward.

Wow, the performers also work concessions? You don't see that too often.

Check out more footage of the orchestra below and remember that when parents say don't play with your food, they don't necessarily mean don't play your food.

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