Legendary bassist Stu Hamm has made recent appearances with the prototype for his new signature bass from Warwick. Be the first on your block to get a glimpse of this amazing new instrument.

Stu Hamm made a guest appearance last week at Victor Wooten's camp in Only, Tennessee. Hamm's choice of axes for the gig? It was none other than the prototype for his new signature Warwick bass.

Waylon Jordan

Among the pluses with this new bass:

  • reduced neck dive
  • killer red paint job
  • incredible pick-up configuration including a J-pickup.

Currently, the prototype features slightly larger frets than Stu typically uses on his basses.

Here's Stu to tell you more about the bass in his own words:

Waylon Jordan

Be on the lookout for this killer new bass from Stu Hamm and Warwick. Again, this is only the prototype, so you'll have to wait patiently for it to go into production.