It's not often you go to do laundry and see a black bear in a tree, but that's exactly what happened in Breckenridge.

The bear made his way into town and up the tree Monday morning and quickly drew a crowd of onlookers wanting to see it.

Police and wildlife officials are aware of the bear and have said they hope to just leave it alone and let it go back to where it came from.

As the bear was already tagged, should they have to do so again, the bear would have to be euthanized, which no one wants.

The main focus now is to make sure people don't get too curious and start to get to close, and to make sure that no one bothers the bear in any way.

Officials are hoping the bear just gets bored and heads back out of town.

I don't know about you, but I can "bearly" wait to see how this one turns out!


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