Snowmass Village Police Department is asking the question, "Have you ever wondered what happens when a bear breaks into a car?"

Question asked and now, consider it answered.

Snowmass Village Police Department[/caption]

Snowmass Village Police Department[/caption]

Snowmass Village Police Department[/caption]The police department continued on in their Facebook post saying, "Here you go....lock your doors, secure your windows. This bear got in through an unlocked door, then the door closed behind him/her. Insurance doesn't usually cover this."

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) Be Bear Aware campaign encourages visitors and residents alike to keep bears wild.

“Bears will work hard to get the calories they need, and can easily damage property, vehicles, and homes,” CPW stated online.

“Keep all bear-accessible windows and doors closed and locked, including home, garage and vehicle doors,” CPW said. “Don’t leave food, trash, coolers, air fresheners or anything that smells in your vehicle.”