With recent news headlines about unsafe playgrounds, many parents are wondering if Grand Junction playgrounds are safe for their kids.

There was a report of a child being cut by razor blades on playground equipment at a park in Illinois. And,this week in Colorado, a report of children complaining of eye and skin irritation at a Jefferson County park. Turns out, several pieces of habanero peppers were found scattered among the wood chips at the park.

Naturally, parents are going to have concerns about the safety of their children. What parent wouldn't be?

According to KJCT,  the Grand Junction Prospecting Association, using metal detectors, has gone out to Grand Junction parks in search of anything that could potentially harm children. The report indicates the group is considering making routine checks of the park a regular occurrence. That is a great idea!

Some concern seems natural, however, a couple of isolated incidents don't seem to necessitate great alarm and knee-jerk reactions. A little caution, sure. It certainly makes sense for parents to do a quick check-over of playground equipment before the children play. But, there certainly is no indication that children playing in Grand Junction parks are any less safe than they were a month ago.

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