All kids should be able to play on their school's playground. These parents in Grand Junction are making sure that happens. Nisley Elementary School in Grand Junction has a playground with swings and monkey bars but isn't accessible to all.

Since Nisley Elementary School's playground has curbs and gravel, it makes it impossible for wheelchairs to play on it.

Children like Archer Hamilton, who is a wheelchair user, and Gibson Shepard, who has stability and mobility issues, aren't able to play on their own school's playground.

The playground at Nisley Elementary School was built in 1958 so it's probably about time for a new one. Parents are raising money for a new playground because they want all children at the school to feel included and be able to play.

The new playground will cost $230,000 and the parents are raising funds to make it happen. According to KJCT, parents have already raised more than $10,000.

I don't think you can really put a price on playtime. Every kid should be able to play and I hope to see a new playground here soon.

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