Children normally go out for recess in Elementary School. A slide, monkey bars and swings are usually you'll find on the playground. This is not the case during this particular recess at Clifton Elementary.

Students found something that they should never have to find -- they found a glass vial of meth on the playground, according to KKCO. These poor children probably had no idea what it was and one of the students ended up taking it home with him.

Whether they showed it to their parent or if the parent found it, I'm glad none of the children accidentally ingested the meth. The parent gave the vial to the principal for the school to deal with, according to a case report from the Mesa County Sheriff's office.

The meth was tested twice by the Sheriff's Deputy and twice the results were positive for methamphetamines. This is scary that innocent children are being exposed to this drug. Not being from the area, I've never witnessed the clear evidence of meth before. It's sickening and it's not to be tolerated.

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