Ladies, see if your significant other does any of these annoying little things. Chances are there's more than one on this list that the jury will hand down a guilty verdict on.

There are always going to be things people do that will annoy us. For the most part, you can just walk away or ignore that person. But, in a relationship you can't (necessarily) do that.

Ladies, courtesy of here is the list. All you want to do is curl up in a blanket on the couch with a glass of wine or whatever beverage and watch your favorite TV show. But, here comes your man. How many is he guilty of?

Here are a few highlighted ones I've learned first hand NOT to do.

    • Make fun of her show - BIG no-no guys. Just because you think it's silly doesn't mean you should tell her. Do you think she gets all the stupid shows you watch?
    • Try to get 'busy' - If you try this, there is a good chance you may never get it again. I'm sure she probably wants to as well, but not until the final credits are rolling.
    • Perk up when a pretty woman enters the scene - Not a bigger turn-off guys. Don't make her feel more self-conscious than she might already.
    • Ask what's for dinner - First of all caveman, if you're hungry, get off your lazy butt and fix something for yourself. This is not the 1950's. Better yet, why not make the entire meal for both of you.

Ladies, does your man do any of these? Head to our comments section and share!