Surprisingly he's not doing it for money or publicity, he's doing it in the name of science. Still sounds like a bad idea to me.

In the Discovery Channel's new series "Eaten Alive", naturalist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie has agreed to be eaten alive by an anaconda.

Yes, it is just about as dramatic and crazy as it sounds. Rosolie will be wearing a "snake proof" suit and will roll around in pigs blood as to entice the giant jungle snake.

I'm curious about this "snake proof" suit, will it prevent him from being crushed alive by the anaconda?

I'm no snake expert, but I thought anacondas like to crush their prey?! Wouldn't the constricting of the snake's muscles also crush him while he's actually inside the snake?

Apparently, there is a cord at the top of the suit that suggests Rosolie will be pulled out and not "completely digested" by the snake.

Don't worry, the snake isn't harmed by this.

I think this could be a hoax? Watch both trailers and decide for yourself

"Eaten Alive" will air this Sunday November 7th on the Discovery Channel.