Are you a coffee fanatic? Even if you aren't, chances are you know someone obsessed with coffee. Here are five essentials for the Grand Junction coffee aficionado.

Did you know coffee is even better when consumed from a Grand Junction themed coffee mug? It's true. Have you ever sampled coffee from a container featuring a western Colorado landmark? As you know, the taste is profoundly better when sipped from such a cup.

If you've ever worked an outdoor gig or from a workshop, then you know all too well the significance of that first cup of morning coffee. Yes, you could stop by the local coffee shop or convenience store. You could do that, but as you know, nothing beats your own blend brewed right there at your job site.

With that in mind, I present the first item on this list. Hands down, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen. For your consideration, I proudly present a Makita portable, rechargeable, and so unbelievably awesome, job site coffee maker.

I, for one, have never found much humor in the Colorado "pot" jokes. This, however, is pretty clever.

Everyone in Western Colorado should own one of these mugs. When company comes in from out-of-state, be sure to serve coffee in one of these. They'll be totally envious.


Every one of my Grand Junction friends has made the leap to the 21st century and embraced "smart" technology. That's everyone but me. This looks interesting. The possibility of controlling my coffee maker from my phone might just be the push I need.

There are coffee mugs, and then there are coffee mugs. Then you have this. We are fully entitled to our bragging rights in Western Colorado. Imagine seeing this every time you take a sip of coffee.

You know all too well how different a day can be when it begins with a great cup of coffee in the proper mug. Quite frankly, that Makita rechargeable coffeemaker inspires me to get up and do early-morning outside work, even here in the middle of January. It would be worth freezing just to make coffee in that thing. These items are the difference between a "good" cup of coffee and a great one.

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