Thanks to local residents who noticed 3 men looking incredulous in the Norwood area, they will now be paying hefty fines for poaching!

In addition to the fines these men may lose their hunting privileges for years after residents reported their suspicious activity to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers.Who say,

This shows how vital a role the public plays in protecting Colorado's wildlife resources.

In December an informant said he saw three men near a road known Pony Draw and as the suspects saw the informant's vehicle approaching, the men got into their vehicle and drove off quickly. When the informant returned to the location a short time later and walked to the where the men had been he discovered a freshly killed buck. After he contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a wildlife officer and the informant found another buck that had been killed nearby.

Nathan E. Wilson, 30, of Norwood, and Weldon. R. Kavecki, 65, of Throckmorton, Tex., were both charged with:

  • hunting out of season
  • unlawful take of wildlife and waste of game meat
  • fined $2,317.50 each
  • and assessed 45 penalty points against their hunting and fishing privileges.

Timothy Taylor, 69, of Euless, Tex., who accompanied the other two men, was charged with:

  • being complicit in unlawful take
  • fined $947.50
  • and was assessed with 15 penalty points

All of them could lose their privileges for up to five years or possibly life, not only in Colorado but 36 other states through the Wildlife Violator Compact.

If you see suspicious activity in remote areas and you suspect a wildlife crime, note the location and, if possible, get a description of people and vehicles then report it to Operation Game Thief at 1-877-265-6648.

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