It's a common practice for me when I get bored: to flip through my phone's camera roll and see if there's anything in there worth saving, or if it's time to send it to the trash.

However, there are a lot of Colorado memories here. I'm someone who's lived in Fort Collins for ten years now and I love to snap photos, whether those photos are of my friends, of the snow, or of a gorgeous Fort Collins sunset.

Over the past few years, I've snagged some great photos that trigger great NoCo memories for me, and I'd love to share them with you. Maybe you're a frequenter of these locations, maybe you've got similar soft spots for sunbathing seats at Horsetooth, or maybe you've found yourself also taking a mirror picture at Sundance. Flip through these photos below and let me know: how many photos have you recreated?

25 Random Images From Fort Collins, NoCo I Found on My Phone

I've lived in Colorado for 10 years now, which means I've been to a ton of beloved businesses and landmarks around town. I dug into my camera roll for some Fort Collins memories...check them out right here!

You Know You're From Colorado When...

We all remember the Jeff Foxworthy jokes back in the day "you might be a redneck". What made those ridiculous stereotypes so funny is because they had just a tiny bit of truth to them. Well along those same lines I wanted to highlight a few ways of thinking that everyone from Colorado has. They are not bad things, just the way we do things and go about our business around here.

So here is a list of ways 'You Know You're From Colorado':

Colorado Town Names Even Life-Long Coloradans Can't Pronounce

As you can see from the maps provided, none of these are metropolises. It's still surprising, though, that so many remain unknown to Coloradans.

Take a tour across the state and take a look at these hard-to-pronounce towns.

The Most Difficult Town Names to Pronounce in Colorado

If you're like me and struggle with exact pronunciations within the state of Colorado, this should help. Here is a list of some of the most difficult town names to pronounce.

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