It won't be long before we wrap up another school year here in the Centennial State. Colorado is the perfect place to work or play year-round, and it may surprise some to learn what a great place it is to get an education.

From public to private schools or homeschooling, educational options may run as deep as your pockets do. The Colorado Department of Education looks over 179 school districts with 1,927 schools. Our state is also home to 132 Colleges and 57 four-year Colleges or Universities.

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The Five Wealthiest Schools in Colorado

Some of Colorado's wealthiest schools have benefited from tuition costs and endowment funds that have been growing larger since the late 1800s. Schools can benefit from the cost of tuition and be the beneficiaries of large monetary donations that grow and grow. Keep going to look at the five wealthiest schools in Colorado in the gallery below.

Colorado's Largest Endowment

The University of Denver first opened its doors to students in 1864. Imagine how many people have donated money since then. The University of Denver could be considered the wealthiest school in Colorado, with an endowment fund totaling over $960,000,000.

The Highest Tuition Rate

Of the five wealthiest schools in Colorado, which one is the most expensive for students? If you are a college student, then the most expensive school you can go to on this list is Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Students end up paying around $83,160 each school year after tuition, and costs

Take a look at all five of Colorado's wealthiest schools and see how big each endowment fund is.

These Are The 5 Richest Schools in Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful place to work and play, but it's also a great place to go to school. Some of Colorado's wealthiest schools and colleges date back to the late 1800s and have added up lots of money from gifts, tuition, and endowments. Take a look at the five wealthiest schools in the Centennial State.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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