A school in Vermont bans energy drinks on campus. Do you think the Mesa County and District 51 Schools follow this institution's lead?

How do you feel about your children and other young students drinking these products?

I am not familiar with the protocol of the Mesa County Schools when it comes to food and drink issue on campus. Are there even rules and regulations about certain types of products? This school in Vermont decided to ban the sale of all energy drinks on campus. TV station FOX 61 relays this story from Middlebury College.

Technically the school's Community Council hasn't altogether banned these type of drinks, they have just chosen to not sell them on school grounds and their stores. Bill Burger, who is the Vice President for Communications and Marketing for Middlebury College stated

'Middlebury College respects the work its students, faculty and staff have done in researching the health effects of energy drinks and in making the recommendation that the college no longer sell such drinks in our campus retail outlets,We hope that this move will contribute to a healthier campus environment.'