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Help Waylon Find Grand Junction's Best Tree Service
The joys of being a landlord. I need a couple of very tall tress removed from a property. It seems many other people do, too. Tree service companies are booked out for weeks. Can you help me find Western Colorado's best?
Who Does Western Colorado's Best Roofing Work?
Who's the best roofer in the Grand Junction area? That's a question you don't get asked every day. It is, however, a very important question. Who would you describe as the valley's best?
Ah, the joys of being a landlord. If you're lucky, the rent comes in...
New Safety Features Coming Soon to Horizon Drive
The next phase of the Horizon Drive District's corridor improvement project is in the development stages. It appears three new features will make their way to a section of Horizon Drive with a history of tragedies.
Your Dog Deserves to Enjoy Dog Days of Summer This Sunday
Summer is winding down and your dog is past due for a cool, relaxing dip at Grand Junction's Lincoln Park Pool. "Dog Days" returns this Sunday, September 16, and we have five rock-solid reasons why you should take your four-legged friend for a swim.
Fall 2018 Road Trip - Reba in Las Vegas
Reba and company will be back to Las Vegas next month. Road trip! Here are my top five reasons to make the drive from Grand Junction to Las Vegas this October.
Five Reasons to Ride the Free Shuttle to Pork & Hops 2018
Wrap up the summer with live music from BlackHawk, a whole bunch of ice cold beer, and tons of great food. The social event of the season, the 2018 Pork and Hops Festival, makes its way to the amphitheater at Las Colonias this Friday and Saturday. Save yourself some time, money, and frustration, and…
Five Reasons to Climb Colorado's Manitou Incline Right Now
Stop what you're doing and climb Colorado's Craziest Hike, the Manitou Incline. Obviously, there are thousands of climbs you could enjoy without leaving the state. Regardless, this one should be your next destination. Here are my top five reasons why.