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Awesome Grand Junction Businesses Offering Complimentary Coffee
Don't you love it when you walk into a Western Colorado business and they offer complimentary coffee? It can be a tire shop, bank, or car lot. Here are a handful of awesome Grand Junction businesses who practice this courtesy. Can you think of more...
Congratulations to September's Teacher of the Month
This morning's assembly at Grand Junction's Dos Rios Elementary included a very special presentation. Please help us in congratulating Village Inn's September 2018 Teacher of the Month, Shannon Howard.
Will Western Colorado Winter 2018-19 Be Reminiscent of Old Days?
The news is buzzing about snow at Colorado's Grand Mesa, Telluride, Loveland Pass, Steamboat Springs, and Pikes Peak. Could this early October snow be an indication of a snowy winter?
Let's face it, Western Colorado's winter 2017-2018 was a total dud...
Western Colorado When It Rains Too Much (PHOTOS)
How about that early afternoon rain we saw today? Pretty cool, huh? Most people were starting to forget what rain looked like. We don't get a ton of rain here in Western Colorado. These last few months, we've barely had an ounce. What happens if and when we get too much?
Your Pick for Grand Junction’s Best Tree Removal Service
I need a couple of very tall tress removed from a property. I asked you to help me find Western Colorado's best tree service? Here's what you had to say.
After several calls, it seems most companies listed in the phone book are in very high demand