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Grand Junction's Best Coffee Houses According to Yelp!
When looking for a delicious cup of coffee, where's the best place to go in Grand Junction? Everybody has their favorite. In order to save you a little footwork, here's a list of Grand Junction's best coffee houses according to Yelp!
Western Colorado - Get Your Dilly Dilly for Just $2
That's right, you can enjoy a Dilly Dilly at a handful of Western Colorado restaurants in November. That's fine assuming you want a Dilly Dilly. Is it possible you already have one? Do I have one, and have I used it lately?
Don't Move to Junction
Think of moving to Grand Junction? After reading this, you'll definitely change your mind.
Western Colorado's Best Hike When Days Get Short
Days are getting short, and they're about to get shorter. When the sun sets earlier, do you find you are a little short on time when it comes to enjoying the outdoors? Eagle's Wing, a trail just off Little Park Road in Grand Junction, is the perfect hike for you.