10 signs that you might be from Colorado.

How many of these can you say ring true for yourself? Check out the complete list here. These are just some of the ones I thought were rather interesting. AND true.


  • If you have ever stood on solid ground and looked DOWN at an airplane in flight.
  • You give directions such as 'toward the mountain or away from the mountain.'
  • You say 'the interstate' and everyone knows which one.
  • You carry your $3,000 bike on top of your $500 truck.
  • Your bridal register is at REI.
  • You can crush 10 flights of stairs without getting winded.
  • You've never been to the tourist attractions in your OWN town.
  • You always know the elevation of where you are
  • Two favorite teams are the Broncos and whoever the heck is beating the Raiders
  • You know 'South Park' is a real place, not just a TV show.
Comedy Central

Now, we should create the 'You Might Be From Grand Junction IF... list.

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