Now, this is making an impression. Could it be the best business sign in the Grand Junction area?  We need more cowbell. 

I literally fell down because I was laughing so hard at this sign I noticed yesterday. It is a hair salon/barbershop type place, that's why 'Walkens' as opposed to 'walk-ins' is freaking hysterical.

The reason I noticed is because I was walking and not driving. I have driven down that area of Patterson numerous times, but never noticed it. It is possible that it could be new. But, one thing for sure, it is one of my favorites business signs in Grand Junction.

Everybody tries to come up with the latest and greatest novelty idea to draw attention to their place of business. Some over think it and overspend trying to make it happen. This is simple. Hopefully, no copyright laws!?

The legendary screen actor Christopher Walken. This is brilliant. There probably is a generation out there that may not be as familiar with this icon's work. Check out his Wikipedia page for an unbelievable resume in acting and film. But, who could EVER forget this skit on Saturday Night Live:



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