Here's your sign. Well, 15 of them at least. 15 signs you were born in Colorado.

Are you a true-blue Coloradan? Born and raised here in the Centennial State? Not that anyone would question you, but here's a quick test to see if you match up.

Being born and raised in Wisconsin and living out here for only a year, this definitely caught my attention. Just to see how different things are between Colorado and Wisconsin. Plus, I wanted to see if I could pass for a true Coloradan. Bring on the test.

Well, I failed nine out of the 15. That means I am only 40 per cent passable as a Colorado native. Here's a few that I did not pass on.

  • I am pronouncing 'Colorado' incorrectly. I apologize deeply. I am of the 'Colo-ROD-o. school. I will work on fixing that imperfection. It's 'Colo-RAD-o.'
  • Haven't driven I-70 enough to have something bad happen, yet.
  • I am a Basin's Beach virgin, but will change that as soon as possible.

On the bright side, I did comply with a few of the requirements. Mainly, that it will always be Mile High Stadium. Being from Wisconsin, we truly know and respect football tradition. Old school. It will always be Lambeau Field and it will always be Mile High Stadium.

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