10 surefire ways to tell that you are a true product of Grand Junction.

No matter where you are from, there are always those 'local' things or idiosyncrasies true to every place. So, I thought I would try to find some of those things that define us from Grand Junction. And I don't mean you just moved here a couple of years ago, these are true, hard-core signs that you are without a doubt from Grand Junction.

I took a look at two different lists that have some really good ones on it. One was from a while back on KEKB and one was a couple of years ago on MIX104.3.  

Taking the best of the best (and adding my own flavor) here is the new and improved Top 10 Signs That You Are From Grand Junction. 

10.) Roads named 'B 1/2' or '25 3/4' make perfect sense to you.

9.)  You know which Wal-Marts NOT to shop at.

8.) Two words - Speedo Man.

7.) Your four favorite days of the year are Country Jam.

6.) You still miss the Giant Cow.

5.) East equals the Grand Mesa, West equals the Monument.

4.) You know when it's faster to take Patterson, Grand or North, but you NEVER cross 12th when school is in.

3.) You have driven all night looking for a corn maze that may or may not exist.

2.) You know the legend of the Bear and the Swan

1.) You know not to go to the pool on FREE Wednesdays.


You have tried to leave more than once, but wind up back here every time.

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