My voyage into the studio this morning was accompanied by an unhealthy dose of panic as the fancy little red light on my idiot gauge informed me I was out of gas. If one is going to run out of gas in Grand Junction, where's the worst place it could happen?

Back in the good ol' days, when the 5th Street bridge was single lane, there was always that one car that ran out of gas right in the middle. How about that car you see from time to time getting pushed by a mob of guys through the disaster at 1st and Grand?

Nothing gets your heart pumping like watching the life bleed out of your car while you sit in the left turn lane at 12th and North. You're pretty much taking your life in your own hands anytime you make a left through that intersection. Odds of a near-death-experience increase drastically when you're pushing your car rather than driving it.

There's no such thing as a good place to run out of go-go juice. Some places, though, are far worse than others. Running dry in the middle of the Valley's notorious "Little Beirut" might be enough to curl your hair.

There are those lucky few who manage to run out of gas just down the road from a filling station. Of course, one could argue if they were lucky, they wouldn't have run out of gas in the first place.

In the end, where's the worst place to run out of gas? North Avenue between 7th and 12th just as school lets out? How about at the top of the hill at 7th and Patterson? Cast your vote.

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