No doubt you've seen her by now. Her name is Corrina Rachel, and she is a professional massage stunt model. She has the best day gig known to the human race. Basically, Corrina lays around and gets massaged for Psychetruth demonstration videos. Silly me. I actually wasted time going to broadcast school. Check out Corrina hard at work at the world's greatest gig.

In this video, Corrina demonstrates the grueling task of laying there and getting massaged. Granted, the person doing the massage is pretty much a 60-year-old throwback to the Haight-Ashbury days, but it does seem as if the masseuse knows what she's doing.

Somebody needs to contact OSHA about the working conditions poor Corrina has to endure. Just look at this... just look at it. Corrina could suffocate with her face buried in those fluffy pillows during this chair massage demo.

How does one get this job, anyway? Obviously she is attractive, has nice muscle tone, and is relatively free of any physical qualities that might cause a distraction, ie. jailhouse tattoos, shank scars, track marks, or an extra head or something like that.

Unfortunately, as comfy as her gig looks, even Corrina has endure harassment on the job. Check out the verbal abuse and inappropriate remarks she has to endure.

Of course, just like anybody else who's ever had even the slightest taste of fame and show-business, Corrina has chosen to embark an a new career path: you guessed it, a singing career.

Corrina, if you ever get bored with your gig or if you find it's time to move on, please consider me as a replacement for any vacant job positions which may become available.