A 21-year-old woman from Florida decided she wanted a third breast. I bet her parents wish she was normal and just wanted a tramp stamp.

She wants to be "unattractive to men". That's just one of the reasons she wanted the fleshy perky bulbous surgical addition to the empty space on her chest.

I have my own reasons I think this woman is a bit off.

First of all, getting a third breast? What is this- "The Fifth Element"?

Secondly, does she really think that giving men more of what they want is really going to make her less attractive?

Thirdly, her other reason for getting the third breast is to get her own reality show on MTV.

Essentially she spend $20,000 because she says, "she doesn't want to date anymore."

Seems to me that there are other cheaper ways of letting people know that you want to be single.