Most people try to break out of jail, not into jail, find out what drove this woman to it!

No she wasn't high or drunk, she was missing her brother!

I'm not kidding!

Monique Armstrong climbed the chain link fence and the razor wire surround the detention center Monday (April 28) morning setting off the perimeter alarms at the Mesa County Jail.

Why? Because her brother was being held after being arrested for acquiring two DUI-D's in two weeks!

The funny thing is he was released just hours after her arrest!

And believe it or not she's not the only one to try this!

WAFB reported that five people were arrested for trying to break into the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office jail, to sneak in drugs, cell phones, and other contraband.

Granted, these people were trying to break into to deliver contraband, but at least she's not the only crazy one!

All I can say is she gets an "E" for effort in my book, can you imagine climbing through RAZOR wire?!