We'd love to learn more about this lady's social life.

May we introduce Olga Liashchuk, a female bodybuilder who just so happens to own the Guinness World Record for fastest time crushing three watermelons between her legs, in 14 seconds. You just know that goes way up top on her resume.

Earlier this week, Liashchuk showed off her talent on Britain's This Morning because nothing says rise and shine quite look a woman smushing a beloved summer snack all over her thighs.

How'd you like to be the poor sap who had to go on after her? The floor was probably covered in red juice and there's no way you'd want to enjoy any of the watermelon if offered to you. At least we hope not.

Liashchuk's skill is impressive -- in a bizarrely erotic way -- but she needs to up the ante. We want to see her try her luck with pineapples.

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