Get ready for more aches and pains, and maybe even a migraine. Do you remember that "Bomb Cyclone" we got hit with about a month ago? It might happen again this week.

According to Popular Science, a Bomb Cyclone, or "explosive cyclogenesis," or bombogenesis, is a fairly common event which occurs when a low-pressure system’s central pressure falls 24 millibars in 24 hours or less. Clear as mud?

Okay, here's another take. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration define a Bomb Cyclone as a 24-hour, 24-millibar drop in the pressure of a midlatitude storm. Oh, that's much better.

According to KRDO, a similar event could be hitting the plains as early as Tuesday. No matter what you call it, the state of Colorado went through it a few weeks back. What does this have to do with aches and pains?

According to CBS Denver, the result of low pressure could be "crippling" for those suffering from migraines, body aches, and joint pain due to conditions such as arthritis.

We lost one of the crew here at the station for about two days when the last Bomb Cyclone hit. Between the migraine and the painful joints, they missed a couple days of work (assuming you can call this work).

Wow! That's intense. Looking back on my youth, I always perceived mentions of weather-related aches and pains as nothing more than myths and old wives' tales. Now I'm pushing 50 and know differently.

The National Weather Service predicts high winds for Grand Junction on Tuesday, April 9, followed by snow and rain on Wednesday.

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