Colorado has recreational pot and legalized gaming. Is sports gambling the next domino to drop?

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court lifted a nearly nationwide ban on sports gambling and since then dozens of states have put legislation through to allow sports wagering or are in the process of making it happen. Colorado may be next in line.

Since that Supreme Court decision, there has been much discussion in Colorado about what the legislature could or should do about legalizing sports gambling. Of course, the state has limited casino gambling, a race track in Aurora for horse and greyhound racing, and a number of lottery games giving folks the chance to win money. Sports gambling is just another piece of the pie.

There are a lot of issues in the gambling debate, and I couldn't even pretend to know the intricacies involved. I do know one of the big issues needing to be resolved is where sports gambling would take place. Would sports wagering be restricted to casinos? Would there be other off-track betting locations across the state?

So far this session,  there has not been any legislation proposed on the matter, but it could happen. How does western Colorado feel about legalizing sports gambling? Answer our poll question and I'll publish the results in a future post.

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