A recent poll of more than 2,000 Americans revealed a lot about how we feel about flossing. It almost seems like we treat flossing like an evil step sister.

27% of us said we have LIED to the dentist about our flossing habits. Honestly, I think we lied about lying to our dentist on this question. The actual number has to be around 100%!

18% of us would rather wash dishes than break out the floss. Especially if you a dishwasher!

14% stated we would rather clean the toilet. Really? Why we are so afraid of flossing? I would much more afraid of my toilet. Especially the day after a couple bowls of my chili washed down with a few beers.

Another 14% answered that they would prefer to stand in line at the checkout. Even if it was the 20 or less line and the person in front of you has a full cart!?

I really started to floss daily about 4 years ago. Now it's a quick, painless, healthy habit that is just part of daily ritual. For a plus, get the Mint flavor, it's does make a difference.

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