My teeth are already lonely. Where's Dr. Droskin? 

You miss one appointment and you are completely out of the loop!

Dr. Craig Droskin D.D.S. has had his practice here in Grand Junction for 20 years. Everyone knows the office at 900 North Avenue. Driving by it over the weekend, I noticed that the lettering was taken off the door and the building practically empty.

Well, all is NOT lost. Turns out Dr. Droskin has not retired, moved out of state or been kidnapped.

Years ago, there was a deal put together by Colorado Mesa University, stating that somewhere down the road Dr. Droskin would have to sell his property to the school. Well, that time has come up.

But, it's not all bad news. In fact, it's great news. Dr. Droskin has picked up and moved to a bigger, more spacious property. The new address is 132 Walnut Avenue. 

Open up and say 'aah.'

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