Have you ever walked down a street in Grand Junction and notice the sidewalk suddenly ends? Or there IS no sidewalk?

I have never been in a city as established as Grand Junction and not seen sidewalks on all streets. Is it a big deal?

No, but I thought it strange enough that I asked the City of Grand Junction.

I asked Grand Junction Communications Manager Sam Rainguet about this and here is what she had to say.

"Most areas in the city do have sidewalks (we think at least 75%), but as you get closer to the city limits (i.e., areas that are in the county, but outside the city) sidewalks do become less common. Higher levels of infrastructure buildout (meaning curbs, gutters, and sidewalks) are more frequently seen inside city limits as opposed to the more rural parts of a community – that is pretty typical. As communities grow and develop and the outskirts of town are annexed into the city, that infrastructure will often follow, but it sometimes takes time for that to happen. Of course, these situations always have exceptions, but as a general rule, this is what you will find."

Well, now that makes a little more sense. And it clears up one big question I had about our fair city.

And now we know why the sidewalks end.

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