I've caught myself a few times wishing it was warmer, or just wishing for an entirely different season all together. Turns out, having cold weather in Grand Junction is good for you, and here's why.

  • 1

    Good For Your Heart

    Cold weather makes your heart work harder and beat faster. If you're out in the cold, shoveling, walking, snow moiling, or even driving in the snow -- your heart is getting a work out.

  • 2

    Good For Your Pockets

    With the dropping temperatures, comes the dropping deodorant usage. When it's cold, you just don't need as much. Cold weather comes through with some pocket pros, saving money on deodorant.

  • 3

    Good For Your Loved Ones

    Colder temperatures for me mean I need some heat. Whether that's putting on more layers or cuddling, I will find a way to get some. According to Huffington Post, this time of year means you reach out to your loved ones more and even talk to them for longer.

  • 4

    Good For Pictures

    Everyone (well, almost) enjoys those gorgeous snow-covered photos. Colder and wetter, is even better. Plus,I love that feeling of looking out of your window and seeing that beautiful white stuff everywhere.

  • 5

    Good For Your Pets

    Now you don't have to worry about burning poor Petey's paws off on the burning ground -- because it's too cold. Cold weather is great for pets because now they can ride with you anywhere and it's not too hot to be outside. (Just don't leave them in the car/outside for too long.)

  • 6

    Good For Laundry

    The cold means less sweat, and more layers. I love pulling on a hoodie and calling it an outfit. Who can even tell what you're wearing underneath your jacket anyway? The cold weather will definitely save you some time, and money, on laundry.

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