On Wednesday, ahead of a substantial weekend snowstorm, Colorado State Patrol warned drivers about a different kind of natural event taking place on Highway 50, near milepost 420. Wait, we have a milepost 420?

The large grass fire (I know) was burning in Bent County between Las Animas and Hasty. Shortly after 11 a.m., authorities closed Highway 50 between milepost 408 and 410, due to low visibility from the smoke, but later extended the closure to 420.

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By 1 p.m., local volunteer firefighters got the blaze under control, and the highway has since reopened. Colorado State Patrol shared a video of the 'smoke dirt devil' that formed on the side of the road, below.

That's right, the highway closed at milepost 420 due to grass fire smoke. So, yeah. There's the most Colorado thing you saw today, Kyle Clark.

While Wednesday afternoon has been mild, and from the looks of it, a little windy, the Front Range of Colorado will see a drastic change in the coming days. As a large spring snowstorm is anticipated to drop several inches (and maybe feet) of snow starting at the end of this week, Colorado State Patrol and CDOT have urged Coloradans to plan to stay home this weekend.

The National Weather Service predicts travel and infrastructure will be significantly impacted both Saturday and Sunday.

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