The road crews working on Orchard Mesa must be some of the nicest people in the world. They actually take the time to wave at every passing motorist at the intersection of Unaweep and Highway 50. Then again, maybe they're trying to get your attention. Why exactly are they waving?

I regret I was only able to catch a few seconds of video. Fortunately, there's a slow-motion instant replay.

These two gentlemen were waving at every car as it passed. Is this a new public relations tactic issued by the construction company?

My real concern would be they might have been waving as an attempt to get people's attention. Perhaps the cars were driving on fresh asphalt, and the guys were trying to say "Stop! You can't drive on that yet."

Maybe the flagger guy had to go to the bathroom, leaving drivers unaware they were supposed to "STOP." Perhaps these two guys were desperately trying to get the word out.

Then again, maybe they are just nice guys. This video was shot right around 5:00 in the evening. It might be possible these gentlemen had just finished their shifts and wanted to wave "bye" to everybody.