This building located in Orchard Mesa in Grand Junction screams "Use me! Use me!" Here are a few potential ideas for this landmark structure.

I have some great ideas for the old Artesia Motel. This really doesn't mean much considering I don't own it. Nevertheless, this building screams Jazz club.

Imagine if you will, sitting down to a glass of wine while enjoying a Jazz quartet with sax, bass, piano, and drums.

Okay, so maybe a liquor license isn't in order. Imagine this - kicking back with a cup of gourmet coffee while listening to a Jazz quartet. Coffee house!

The building at 640 U.S. 50 isn't very big, but it doesn't need to be. What about the surrounding property where the motel units used to be? Answer: patio space. Imagine if you will, sitting on the patio, listening to a Jazz quartet.

Artesia Mote map
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I have this all figured out. Okay, so I don't own the property and I don't have any money. Minor problem.

There's my suggestion. How about you? The Artesia Motel has been around longer than any of us. What would you do with the property if you owned it?

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