Coyotes have been spotted on the Old Spanish Trail in Grand Junction. Be careful and pay attention to your surroundings while doing anything outdoors.

While I was hiking the Old Spanish Trail this past weekend I ran into a local woman who lives right off the trail. First I ran into her two dogs, and then I ran into her shortly afterward. She stated how she wasn't going to be out that long with her dogs and how she usually brings them on the trail in the morning.

At this point it was after 2 p.m. so clearly, it wasn't even close to being morning. The local woman told me that the reason why she doesn't hit the trail with her dogs in the mornings anymore is because of coyotes.

She told me that the coyotes have been out a lot in the mornings on the Old Spanish Trail so she's resorted to going out in the afternoons instead. The woman said that the coyotes try to trick her dogs by beckoning them with sounds that resemble cats. She said because her dogs know what kind of animal those sounds are actually coming from, they're not fooled.

I always look for animal tracks on trails because well, I love animals and also, it's important to pay attention to your surroundings. On the Old Spanish Trail I saw these animal tracks:

  • Dog tracks
  • Coyote tracks
  • Deer tracks

I also saw lizards, birds and river otters in the Gunnison River I'm sure there are plenty of other animals that like to hit the Old Spanish Trail too. Make sure you're prepared while hiking, be careful and always (whether hiking or not) be observant of your environment.

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