The classic comedy Ghostbusters is making the rounds to movie theaters across the nation in honor of its 35th anniversary. One problem - at present, it won't be coming to Grand Junction.

I remember seeing Ghostbusters in 1984 at the Mesa Theater in downtown Grand Junction. It just so happens two very good friends of mine went to the Mesa Theater to see Ghostbusters for their first date. They'll be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary this December. I would really enjoy seeing it on the big screen again.

Grand Junction, we have a problem. I checked the listings, and the closest Ghostbusters is going to get to us is the Front Range. That's right, no theaters on the Western Slope have signed on to show it.

When I say Ghostbusters, I mean the 1984 classic. We're not talking about Ghostbusters II, and we certainly aren't talking about whatever that was that came out a couple of years ago. We're talking GHOSTBUSTERS.

As you know, I'm one of the most laid-back people on the planet. Nevertheless, the idea of Ghostbusters not showing in Grand Junction really peed in my Wheaties. What did I do? I contacted Fathom Events to bitch. Okay, more accurately, I contacted Fathom Events to whine. They responded with the following:

Thank you for contacting Fathom Events. Unfortunately, Fathom does not select participating locations. Instead, theater circuits choose the participating locations within our events at their Corporate level. We suggest contacting either the Corporate office of the theatre circuit to express your interest in seeing Ghostbusters, or you may want to contact theatre management directly and ask if they would consider requesting participation in the event via their Film Booker or Film Department.

Okay, that didn't work. Next stop, contact the Grand Junction movie theaters. The same brilliant tactics including a mixture of whining and grovelling were set into motion. I have yet to receive a reply.

For some mysterious reason, these classic movie re-releases really hit the spot. As mentioned a few weeks ago, I've already purchased my tickets for the 40th-anniversary re-release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. That movie WILL be coming to Grand Junction in mid-September. I don't know what Ghostbusters problem is.

On a side note - I had a gig as an intern at the old Q93 in Grand Junction back in the 1980s. When Ray Parker Jr.'s title theme from Ghostbusters came out, the station was inundated with calls by the thousands wanting to hear the tune. The guys from U.S. Tech (which was then in the Target wing at the Mesa Mall) called about every five minutes wanting the song. We put the song in a one-hour rotation just to keep the masses at bay.

I have your back, Grand Junction. I sent my nasty-gram. Heaven only knows how they'll respond. Perhaps it's a matter of strength in numbers. The big-screen showings of Ghostbusters are scheduled for October 6 and 10, 2019. That gives us time. Contact your local theaters and tell them you need the Ghostbusters in Grand Junction.

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