I asked you, "What's something you miss from Grand Junction of the 1980s?" Here's what you had to say.

My assumption was people would respond with places and events. As it turns out, you had other fond memories from the "Age of Excess."

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Grand Junction of the 1980s - a Fun Time to Be Alive

Sylvester Stallone refers to the 1980s as the "Age of Excess." The decade boasted gigantic hair, brightly colored fashion, fast cars, with everything always being a little over the top. It was the decade that saw sequels to everything, including and especially movies that didn't deserve sequels.

If you lived in Grand Junction in the 1980s, you may remember being on something of a rollercoaster ride. The bottom fell out in the early part of the decade, leaving many people, including families such as mine, without work.

Some publications reported unflattering predictions for the area. Some economists wondered if Grand Junction would even exist in a few years.

Grand Junction Fashion - Visible From Outer Space

Thanks a lot, Madonna. Grand Junction students were on parade with MTV inspired wardrobes featuring:

  • socks that matched your shirt
  • Levis 501s
  • bright and vivid colors
  • big, bouffant, and heavily styled hair
  • Miami Vice inspired sports jackets
  • aerobics inspired wardrobes
  • heavy makeup

Things Weren't Quite So Busy

Grand Junction was a much smaller place back then. As I recall, during my childhood Grand Junction's population was hovering around the 30,000 to 35,000 range. Fewer people, fewer houses, and fewer cars on the road.

Here's What You Had to Say

The open question went out, "What's something you miss from Grand Junction of the  1980s." Some responses were obvious. Others sparked memories of places I haven't thought of in decades. Others were very touching.

Things We Miss From Grand Junction of the 1980s

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