Which High School Marching Band Is The Best On The Western Slope? Vote HERE.

With high school football season well underway, let's not forget about the 'other' team that puts as much work and effort into what they do as our sports teams do.

The marching bands.

Don't laugh, some of these bands spend countless hours creating and streamlining their weekly routines for half time. It takes a lot of work. Especially from the smaller schools where some kids are pulling double duty-playing football AND participating in the half time performance.

Now, this type of voting isn't necessarily fair. Not all of us get a chance to see EVERY band in action. Plus, the bigger schools could potentially flood our poll with votes, but let's remember that this is for fun while it gives the kids and parents a chance to show off their school pride.

The voting will take place in two separate rounds. First, we have to make sure all eligible bands are included. So, if you don't see yours, I apologize. Please feel free to write it in.

After 2 weeks, we will tally the Top Ten and then they will battle for the title of:


'Supreme Band of the Land.'




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