The Powerball jackpot is getting totally weird. Are you going to buy a ticket for a shot at $750 million? If so, where's the best place in Grand Junction to buy it?

This Wednesday's (March 27, 2019) Powerball jackpot is a staggering $750 million bucks. To date, I've only played Powerball one time. That was about a month ago. It seems a replay might be in order.

What do you need to do to be eligible to win? Well, you have to pick six numbers. You'll also have to fork over $2 per ticket. More than anything, you can't win if you don't play. I typically don't play. This week, however, that's going to change. Where would you recommend I buy my ticket?

Historically speaking, it seems the Lucky Me store on Patterson Road is the place to buy. You may recall they sold a $133,200,000 winner back in September of 2017.

Other locations have sold big winners, too. The Walmart next to Central High School sold a $100,000 winner. The Safeway on Horizon sold a $50,000 winner.

Help a guy out, here. In my world, $2 is a big deal. I'm the cheapest guy you know. My plans involve buying precisely one ticket for this Wednesday's drawing. It's entirely likely this will be the last ticket I'll ever buy.

Where do you recommend buying a ticket? What Grand Junction location gives off that "winning" vibe? Here's a short list. If you don't see your selection, write it in, and it will be added.

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