Happy "Buy a Musical Instrument Day." That's right, May 22nd it the day we should all go out and buy a new guitar, tuba, clarinet, violin, or whatever musical instrument floats your boat. When buying a new (or used) instrument, where will you find the best deals in Grand Junction?

According to the website Holiday Insights, "Buy a Musical Instrument Day" is always celebrated on May 22. Why? Well, that's not entirely clear.

Ask any guitarist and they'll tell you one guitar is simply not enough. Granted, very few people possess the talent or dexterity to play more than one guitar at a time, but that's beside the point.

Speaking for myself, I've more than worn out my welcome at Hart Music in Grand Junction. I go in there just to hang out. Every time I set foot in the place I run into Hugh Plumleigh, Ted Dussor, John Brown, Kurt Kuxhausen, or Greg Achord. These guys are part of the fixture.

When not driving them nuts at Hart Music, I sometimes mosey down to Back Porch Music. I've been wearing out my welcome with those guys since the early 1990's.

You might disagree, but personally, my musical shopping tastes have no use for internet shopping. A musical instrument is something one must savor, handle, get in close proximity to, caress.... wait a minute, I'm starting to get sweaty. In other words, an instrument is something you want to play on for a bit before you buy. It's imperative to know if it's the right instrument for you.

When shopping for a new instrument, whether it be a banjo (Heaven forbid), a guitar, trumpet, drum set, or yet another guitar, where's the best place in the valley to shop? Your vote can be based on price, location, brand loyalty, employees, or all of the above.

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